Saturday, August 13, 2011


We've tried growing herbs several different ways. We've put them in pots, in the garden, this year we did them in the "tipsy pots", rarely do they flourish. Basil is easy. Rosemary is easy. The rest? I've never been successful. Italian flat leaf parsley laughs in my face. So after everything in the tipsy pots died off this year, I decided to try one last thing... growing them in mason jars inside. If they were going to be in my house, they had to be cute. I bought some stones from Target and filled the jars a little way up so it had some drainage. Then I planted the herbs on top.  The flaw? When you water it the soil runs down into the rocks. So I pulled the plants out and added a small piece of screen between the rocks and the plant. Success.

So they looked pretty, but would they grow? 

Holy cow. They grew! I might have to move them out of the window since they are growing so quickly.  Even the flat leaf parsley!  We've since added a dill plant, too. It's not in the picture because I haven't put the cute ribbon on it yet. The basil is out of control. We need to cut it back a little... maybe make a mini batch of pesto?

Hopefully we'll be able to keep it going and have fresh herbs year round. Can't do that when you grow them outside!



  1. What a great idea Becky, and they are so pretty in the jars. I think I'll have to try this.